When reading Dodgem’s submission I remembered this. I wrote this for my late wife in 2014

I looked in the mirror this morning

What did I see?

A wrinkled old face

with receding grey hair

staring back at me.


I thought who is this geezer,

here in our house

What’s he doing in our bathroom,

Is he after my spouse?


It really got me worried

I’d never seen him before,

perhaps he sneaked in overnight

through an open door.


I called out for the missus,

to ask her what we should do,

Is this geezer staring at me

something to do with you?


She said don’t be silly darling

He’s the chap I’ve loved for years,

It’s you,you silly man,

Who else would be living here?


All at once it dawned on me,

I was looking  at my face

Fancy not recognising myself,

It is a blooming disgrace.


When I remember the young man

with his young face and brown hair

now an old man with his wrinkled face

it is driving me to despair.


Oh for the days when we were young

living a carefree life,

when life was always full of fun

for me and my darling wife.

© pommer 2023
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I guess it comes to us all.

I remember one time saying to my mother,

“Oh God! These days when I look in the mirror I see Dad.”

and she shot back, a bit miffed.

“What’s wrong with that?”

I realised then how much she loved us both.


I loved this – so spot on – nice one pommer! My dear wife had the same experience once while looking into a shop window, and found she was looking at her mother.


Thanks pommer; I’d like to see more of your bio.


Thanks buddy; but please – don’t post your address on-line. I’ll email you.



What! You too!

I’ve kept the apparition to myself, just in case I was hallucinating. So, thank you for sharing this, now I understand.


PS: Takes tongue out of cheek, and exits stage left.
PPS: Nice one, Pommer. 🙂


Think that I have just started doing this more and more with each passing year, and with it double the reflection on the past.

The next step I fear, is the full mirror, I think they shall be banned from my tiny Kingdom.

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