Unmunched Slice of Life


Only one tar-road cuts across village and meets the downhill Nir’s grocery-cum-cottage housed idiosyncratic wife. All knew how his melting body & drudge made two sons as seasoned Manager, Professor, and daughters in well-settled family. Hardships started intensified while all four children scattered and living in far-away places. In last lockdown one-man army, Nir continued public services, and once doomed to the virus. As children failed to attend the funeral, villagers paid tributes and executed all.

As undying soul reached Yama gauged Nir was simple, honest, humanitarian, and people took advantages of his attributes. He deserves pied, transcendental, heavenly life.

“Nir, you qualified for blissful celestial life, so indulge over it and rest in peace.    …..You look worried?”

“How I can Rest in Peace! My wife clatters alone in the house, jobless sons trifling with wives, daughters’ families howling at my estates. All’re vying with each other. Lockdown snatched away my all ….. Prabhu, reconcile them, else curse ‘em all with this pandemic for my concurrence.”

Yama undecided completely! ……..“No control over them! Instead, Let’me consult with Godhead.”

Godhead uprooted the causes – “Because of children’s incoordination and unsolved discords Nir failed to survive, and wives resolute to catastrophic isolations.  ….Deaths no more!!”

© Bapi 2023
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Hi, Bapi,
Was this originally written in Kannada? I think the translation to English doesn’t do it justice regarding syntax.


Thanks for entering Bapi – and nice to have you contributing. I would concur with stevef, in that the story is somewhat lost behind the language, and I’m not sure if that was accidental or intended – as you indicate. Whatever, an interesting read.


Thanks Paul. I appreciate the difficulty – in balancing a local English language patois, with a desire to communicate the essence of ones submission; but please keep giving us your work – I’m glad we have members from different parts of our planet.


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