Alarm Clocks and Alarm Bells.

Grey cells at dawn.

4:43, says the bedside clock.
I am awoken by a loud knock,
I close my eyes to go back to sleep;
don’t answer it, it will surely keep.
Nothing is too urgent at this time
unless you are called to solve a crime.
This will happen to a detective
who has proved to be so effective
as to think he’s irreplaceable,
although his triumphs aren’t traceable.
You must appreciate that I crow
because my name is Hercule Poirot
whose successes were claimed by a chap
who bears the name of Inspector Japp.
But neither he nor Captain Hastings
realised the time they were wasting.
The alarm clock raises alarm bells
when I’m required to use my grey cells.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Sacre Bleu! Miss Leymon, ask Capatain Haystings to come in, and I have summoned Inspector Yapp; now my friends, here we have a clever rogue, who dares to speak in my name! I am on the case!

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