The new normal created a new economic driver and race, and population control over time – The Zombie. The United Nations ‘UNMZI’ – ‘United Nations Mission Zombie Integration’ and slogan ‘We live off each other’. 

Singing tonight the first Zombie, ‘Zalo’ live-ish on ‘Lockdowns got Talent’:

Simon “Excited to see you in the flesh. Let me pick your brains, why singing, Zalo?”

Zalo “So nice to see a happy menu, I mean audience, (Giggles) I sing for my food”.

Simon “You’re controversial (Smiling).”

Zalo “I would like to thank my sponsors; Zotox for my natural glow, Z – diet, a brainless choice and Finger Bond, for keeping me together.”


Piers “So as a rule of thumb, you eat ‘human’ brains, right?” .

Zalo “Well, I am a woman, and we all know where men’s brainzzz are; don’t we David!” (Wolf whistles from the audience).

Piers “Nice mini-dress zolaaaaa!”

Ashley “Thank’s for that Piers, now It’s time for Zalo to sing her cover version of ‘Maneater’; Zalo!

‘Ends to a standing ovation…’

The next day papers: ‘Gen-z’s Zalo Wins UK’s Lockdowns got Talent’ with the main headline:
Piers M Slammed for ‘Sexist’ Comments Over Female gen-Z’s Zalo AKA transsioned Charlotte H. Dress in Viral Video.

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There’s a vivid imagination going on there! Clever concept for short piece. Glad I wasn’t in the audience. 🙂


This kind of reads like a sketch/playlet. Some interesting satire in here. Perhaps could be used on a podcast.

Personally I never got into the Zombie craze — dead meat as far as I’m concerned.


Nothing to forgive, Kevin.
I like the style of presentation you used for this ands it lends itself well to the portrayal of zombies on TV and movies.

It’s a personal thing about zombies, I just think it’s BS. Even the original 50’s and earlier stories out of Africa and Haiti I find hard to believe.


Seems to me you have the basis of a great story, Kevin. Good luck if you decide to write one.


Actually, the expression “Lockdown got talent” is truer than it sounds because the enforced seclusion created a platform for talented writers to emerge, here and elsewhere.
As for zombies, the U.S. administration considered the matter very seriously at one time
so much so that they devised an anti-zombie plan (see my take on it https://ukauthors.com/2020/11/02/__trashed-17/)


I’m enjoying reading the different takes on the lockdown theme, and this is no exception: highly enjoyable!

people are already used to another type of lockdown – they write on walls and poke each other and are too addicted to leave – guess the site… the zombification had already started. now the rest is history

I agree with Guaj, podcast material. Enjoyed the read.

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