Jerene brought Swep V and Cannon

To Brookhaven for a few days.

The boys explored the yard, and back lot,

Pilfered the playhouse, the attic,

Dragging out old junk, broken toys, etc. 

And then, the highlight, Saturday

Night and the Exchange Club Fair

Their daddy had loved going to as a boy.

Cannon tossed and tried to ring

Little bowls with goldfish.

Swep dunked the clown at the dunk tank,

Centering the target with a fastball.

The tilt-a-whirl three times,

Twice, the roller coaster, the Ferris wheel.

The nightcap, the train that creaked

As it circled the whole park.  

Before they left, I offered Jerene

Some auction jewelry to sort through.

She, emerald earrings, chose.

Thought, 40 years, the marriage done,

And still, this fierce afterglow.

© slovitt 2023
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Oh bless! I like this, Slovitt. I love the pictures it paints, and boy did the last five lines jerk my heart strings! Very emotive, somehow eery, definitely nostalgic.



Yes! A word picture that evokes in me my times in the U.S. It is in the honoured tradition of a style that speaks of America. And a worthy nomination


Ah yes! I can relate. Great to see you posting Pops. 😉 We simply cannot dismiss those with whom we have shared years, births and deaths with as of no consequence. Friends are dumbfounded that I can still give my ex husband the time of day…but I will always love him and empathise with a young man who did not know his own mind and was over influenced by a domineering father. I feel such compassion for him now. Unconditional love understands and does not want a repeat, only that the good times remain untarnished such as they were. Alison… Read more »

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