Another kind of melody

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I spend the night with the silence, cool
my fevered thoughts about my life.
Smoothing the pain, recalling joy
I listen to the inward hesitation
of its bell,
an oscillating sound, a swell
out of the depth
behind the screen of sky,
in a recurrent tone –
Yes, there is music to us unbeknown,
the hip hop of the sun, blues of the moon,
the endless compositions of the stars,
though I miss out their meaning for myself
as I am tone-deaf and my ears unable
to apprehend
essential things that have gone by,
words unsaid, the could-have-been lullabies,
tears of regret, the would-have-been requiems.
Stay with me, listen into the silence, friend,
another kind of melody
that carries oblivion
in this unending symphony.


© Yutka 2023
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Oh my Gosh! What a wonderful piece of penmanship! I was with this all the way through. I have heard those sounds and cooled those fevered thoughts myself – many times. Deserves an accolade in my humble opinion.

Blessings, Allen


Allen is getting in before me again! So how could I add more to his praise; I will just let it sink in – in the silence.


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