A con is a con

Subtle ways of getting your own back?









Calling a spade a spade
Was his reputation,
And sitting awaiting lunch
In the Coach and Horses,
He inwardly grinned
At his calculation
That ordering Fish’n Chips
Deprived his scheming girl
Of her ‘free’ bottle
(That came with fillet steak –
His usual delectation.)
Did she actually think
He was too old to know
It was his old age pension
She used to pay for these trips…
For his false appreciation?



© griffonner 2023
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This is a cleverly written piece. O, a poor boy, he was paid back in the same coin, wasn’t he!
What I liked here is the ‘con’trol bit! πŸ™‚

Last edited 2 years ago by supratik

Clever. I’d say he was making a subtle point that probably wouldn’t be noticed by this cheeky little moo, and that makes it even more satisfying.


Perfect Allen; my kind of poem. Especially on this of all days!



No Allen; sure, that’s always on Friday’s. No, I was thinking of today being the first day that folk can eat in pubs etc.


Crafty, made me smile. Well written and and a warning to all deceivers. πŸ™‚ sue.


A poem from a poetry master!

If I may – and this is not detract from the mastery you have shown here – could I suggest the following edits:

“And sitting awaiting lunch”

“At his calculation”

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