Kali Yuga

A piece that’s been in my W.I.P. folder for ages; and could still be improved. But I thought it might benefit from an outing. As for the jester, please insert your own name, and aren’t we spoiled for choice! 


                                 Kali Yuga                                    


                 It now became the age of iron,

                when the jester became the king,

                and we sold the farm for fool’s gold.

                When the hurdy-gurdy man got paid,

                to sing a song without a rhyme,

                while we threw away the fruit,

                and instead preferred the rind.

                As for the nation – well, ducky,

                never mind;  we’ll soon be bold,

                reclaiming what was ours by right:

                recouping our lost fortunes of old.

                But then we’ll find– that the clock lied,

                and the calendar went out with the tide.

                So, God help us – its time to move on;

                for better or worse – its 2021.


                                                                D G Moody



© Dodgem 2023
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One of the wonderful things about poetry as that it often can be seen to have more than one message/meaning.

This piece is no exception. In fact I think it is a clever ‘analogy’ to what I believe to be a modern day myth. (But that’s just my opinion/viewpoint, you understand. I was in the minority when it all started.) 😉

I did say clever, didn’t I? I wanted to emphasise that because otherwise it might seem I am trivialising your skilled work.



a black age, indeed! the age of iron, the age of bling, it’s all about smoke and mirrors.


I agree with Allen, this is a piece with clever layers.
Regarding modern day populists, they are hardly a new thing, but sadly tv and now social media helps them on their way.
Hitler was one of the most notorious, but I would place Trump not far behind and he’s close to driving his country to civil war.

Boris is a bit like Reagan: soft and fluffy pups who learned to grow teeth to stay in power


Good one! Kaliyuga is a period of the iron age, it is also a period of obfuscation and loss of identities. I agree with Allen here.
The last line came as an anti-climax. I ended up laughing. :-), went up and saw the picture, and laughed again.

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I wouldn’t completely disagree with it.


The ability to bullshit is key to success in the iron age, and seems to be part of a gene shared by many of the “leaders” these days.

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