The River

Supratik’s poem ‘I will remind myself’, has caused me to reflect on what I believe, as far as the great mystery of life and death in concerned. At present I’m not working on my poems, but I wrote down the lines below last night. 



                               The River 


                         Consider the river.  

                         Is it just in its water?

                         Or is it just in its banks?

                         Surely, it is neither;

                         and yet, it is both.

                         Consider ourselves.

                         Are we just in our mind?

                         Or are we just in our body?

                         Surely, we are neither;

                         and yet, we are both.

                         The river will eventually

                         merge into the sea;

                         just as you and me,

                         will pass into eternity.                                  


                                             D G Moody


© Dodgem 2023
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D, this is an extremely effective poem owing to its simplicity of messaging which while simple has depths that we all want to explore, yet do not have the intellectual curiosity or the courage to do so.



(I seem to be following in the star-spangled trail of Bhi today!) His comment has really stolen the words I was about to type having just read your excellent poem. It is a brilliant precise of the concept. Thoroughly deserving of the ‘pick’ too – for which I congratulate you.

Blessings, Allen


Admiration for the words, and, having previously read your bio, admiration for your ‘path’.


Great verse, something you could chisel into a headstone.


Wonderfully penned. Congratulations! Incidentally, today I attended a lecture on what the sound ‘aum’ actually means. There, the speaker’s narrative is very similar to your content. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, don’t find it strange either, I will just let it flow, maybe like the river.


Yes, they are one and the same. Aum is supposedly the correct pronunciation which comprises the sound, viz. ‘aa’, u as in use, and /m/. Yes, it is a well travelled mantra indeed. Surprisingly, ‘Aum’ and ‘Amen’ are not so dissimilar.

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