How Can You Trust a Poet?

Li Po, China’s greatest poet.

Li Po was very drunk.

He tried to capture

his moonlit reflection

in the lake

and drowned.

They say he wanted to bring

another Li Po

out of that reflection

so that his verse

and his new self’s verse

would combine to conquer China.

How can you trust a poet when he will do anything,

break any rule, to bring more beauty into this world?

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He was having fun. People don’t always like that, ask any alcoholic.

Very good summary of old Li. Cool guy and poetry


ask any ancient Greek, never trust a poet, they were very suspicious of poets…


You can always trust a poet to bring more beauty into this world.


With caution?


Nice one CW. And as to poets, are they not the oldest truth tellers? I put my occupation down as ‘versifier, apprentice poet’.


Surely. The shamans would have had them entranced around the fire, as they called up the animals for the hunt.

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