word to word

bloody fights between
faiths of the same, different
religions are single stories that
do not define them…

… I imagine

Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad, Buddha
sitting under a tree and talking

how are they talking…

can I, you, you, and you talk like them

I can see flowers, fruits
blooming in their words…

but our words,
stoning each other,
bombing the universe

© supratik 2023
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How true! And following on from our previous exchange; I wonder, was Jesus after all a Jew? So where did Christianity come into it? But no, he was ‘Aryan’ – blond with blue eyes ,I’ve seen the old pictures in church!


Yes! You are so right. There is a tale – it must be of Sufi origin but its origin escapes me at present. The Devil and a follower are walking down the road. Ahead of them they see a man stoop down and pick something up, and looking pleased with himself stuff it into his pocket. The follower says to the Devil: “did you see what he picked up?” “Yes”, replied the Devil, “it was a piece of the truth”. The follower said: “Well, this must be a bad day for you then?”. “Not at all”, the Devil replied, “I… Read more »

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