The Temple in the Forest

More new work… the dam is disintegrating!

Regal Mother Nature,
draped in ecumenical,
autumn tones, stoops
to kiss my brow.
Child of tarmac sod;
concrete canyon;
cavitating close,
I play the craven,
shrinking from
the graven features
of the Goddess .
Her bodice
Promises fulfilment.
And I? I kneel
to kiss the hem
of frolicsome Festina,
baring a bashful bum.
As I become
another slave to lust.

© franciman 2023
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fantastic, laced with irony, some subtle internal rhymes and ultimately self awareness. Was not sure of the use of “cavitating” in this context – having a medical background it seemed out of place.


I keep saying this: Aren’t we all* (at least when we are younger!)
*slaves to lust, that is. 🙂
A very nice piece, Jim


Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun…

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