A Peaceful Scene

From this morning’s walk.


The river is still today,

The bark of a distant dog

echoes across open fields.


Cuckoos call across the water

hoping for parasitic trysts.

Reed bed nests are at risk.


Warblers evolve distinctive eggs.

Always some will not fool.

Always eggs and chicks

are heaved into waiting water.


Peaceful scenery always belies reality.

© Guaj 2023
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can you imagine being shown (by the way is it being shown or showed?) this peaceful scenery to sign a contract and get a new body in this world? memory already wiped, gut feeling is so feeble you are not taking it into consideration, and you enter the game where peaceful sceneries belie reality and lived miserably ever after….

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it could be that you don’t have a choice, you signed a contract with your memory wiped what could have made you approach the same guys (aka gods or whatever) for another experience? addiction. you want to forget how it was in order to relive your addiction. I wonder is this a rehabilitation centre or a hookah lounge?


good, tight poem with a message.
scratch the surface and life bleeds as it needs to seed its next cycle. the struggle to live goes on all around us, but that itself lends to the “peaceful scenery” as seen through the eyes of humans and their need to reify everything.


You hit the nail on the head with this one. The birds singing in the trees might as well be cussing. Love between people and the love people have for the products of nature, i.e., plants and animals are the only redemption. Still after billions of years something is happening, us.


Maybe we are looking at this from the wrong direction; like looking down the wrong end of a telescope? In nature there is no morality, only necessity. As humans we impose our own meaning onto the world, and the world will always have its own meaning; and maybe its best to allow nature its ways – though we are doing a good job of fecking it up!


Thanks Guaj; and haven’t we been here before? In the sense of natures ways. I was watching a recent BBC documentary series on Patagonia; and one of the revelations was just how versatile life has to be in that part of the world; which includes killer whales stalking seals, and seals stalking penguins; all of which survive by such means. And the old saw: I eat meat, but treat my dog as a person; and if he is, what about the pig that provided my bacon. And yes, I do know the answer to that; until a bacon butty is… Read more »

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