“If a society must have an ever-expanding list of laws to survive it doesn’t deserve to.” ChairmanWow


I’m not supposed to be loyal to you. Look, you’re a hired hand at best, a gargantuan flesh-eating bacterium in a suit and tie at worst. I’ve watched you kidnap the Constitution, our precious Bill of Rights, and like a skilled pimp snatching a blond Moldavian peasant girl; beat her down and then groom her with false praise, rape her repeatedly until she’s perverted into some pliant, omnivorous whore that just exists to make money for you and your unctuous cronies. The fiercest pirates cruising the Arabian Sea hang their heads in shame when comparing their piddly million dollar ransoms to your extortion and squander of trillions and trillions!

The worst are you, you mild-mannered shape-shifting, middle-of-the-road totalitarians with your polling data and focus-group-approved soundings. Constantly culling passionate debate and passionate people so you can move the rest of the herd into the slaughter pen without undue incivility. After you’ve passed about ten million convoluted laws that make everyone a potential felon, you pick which of them to enforce on who you want targeted, squeezing that much closer to complete control.

When you’re finally faced with your treason you just spout standard condescending palliation, standing stiffly between the armed guards in dark shades and blue suits, twittering about how no system is perfect, it could be worse, be mature about this, don’t criticize the mainstream media even if they get caught spreading lying propaganda because then you’ll give extremist media a foothold, and at least you all ain’t in some North Korean concentration camp fist-fighting for the undigested corn kernels picked out of the latrines.

False choice. You didn’t make this country we did. We didn’t make it with lobbyists and PAC money.

We made it with the most heroic word in human language.

© ChairmanWow 2023
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CW, I can see the veins in your forehead and the spittle shooting from your mouth! A mighty good rant indeed.

just a couple of spelling corrections: “heard” should be “herd” and “undo” “undue”.

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