Nikita at the Canyon

“Mr. Khrushchev, what do you think of the Grand Canyon?”


Dome-headed rotund Russian spread his arms towards the colossal pink and mauve abyss; sable ravens soaring overhead, white vapor wisps of contrails above them in the azure sky. He shouted in Russian to the American politicians and reporters, “It reminds me of sex,” gave a boyish smile and slowly embraced the scenery, taking in the entire vista then said, “Everything reminds me of sex!”

© ChairmanWow 2023
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Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, sex would be the last thing on my mind. Except maybe, ‘F***ing hell that’s incredible!’


CW, I must agree with Mr K; must be the male menopause, or the onset of spring but I am finding everything highly eroticised these days. And your description is highly sexualised, I must say – ‘the pink and mauve abyss’, ‘the sable ravens,’ and the ‘contrails’!

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