A Sinful Afternoon

Resisting everything except temptation 🙂

(flash fiction)

Lying on the bed listening to wood pigeons calling in the trees outside, I hear the familiar sound of the door brushing the carpet tufts as you inch into the room. The soft summer breeze gently closes it behind you. We are alone.

Looking into your dark eyes I know your love is deep and never-ending. How can I resist when you join me on the bed.

Cupping a beautiful ear in my hand you relax and lean your body against mine with a long shuddering satisfied sigh. I lay my arm across your body sensing the rise and fall of your chest and feel the warmth of your breath on my face. I caress your thick blonde hair. In the room’s drowsy atmosphere we soon drift into deep slumber.

Your body tenses jerking me awake. We misjudged. We slept too long.

My wife standing at the door glares at us in disgust. Guilty, we sit up unable to deny our heinous crime and wait for the dreaded words. ‘How many times must I tell you? Don’t let the dog get on the bed.’

© Guaj 2023
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cleverly written, I was surprised, didn’t expect such an end at all.


Wait a minute, so the dog is really a canine? I can picture a wife having a similar don’t-defile-the-furniture-with-an-animal reaction whether two-legged or four.

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