womb of love

come, easy
drop all your arms;
words, wealth, weapons.

look, just look at
nature, it is busy
making love with one
another, beyond species,
yes, that’s what it knows,
that’s why it exists,
that’s what it does
else how’d that little insect
carry the genes of a tree,

nature, an open page,
yet a mystery.

come, easy
stretch your arms,
relax, break free
from the cage of your
knowledge, a memory game;

what would you do knowing
how the earth behaves, its
histories, biology, geographies,
without knowing how the womb
in which we live is engaged
only in making love…
how it is perpetually aroused
to celebrate, accommodate,
nurture, nourish life, no matter

without a word, plunging in the
action of love alone can dissolve
a myriad of miseries

the tonsured, injured, wounded
world can only love, it doesn’t
need to speak

dedicated to world health day

© supratik 2022
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