The rope

We become what we
acquire; wealth, culture,
faiths, appearances,
behaviors rule us in an
automated mode; display of
puppetry of human flesh
and blood, a knotty, invisible
attachment, a habit, a condemned
bondage, chaining like a wire,
beyond all scope;
a tail of an animal, or the
serpentine intoxication
tied around the throat;
all possible hopes of
breaking free from the
non-existent string, to untie
the erotic lace and unite
with the infinite is overruled;
in the guise of a bonding,
the irrelevant lanyard lies
as destiny in our mind as concrete,
visible, real, and strong; we don’t
realize how weak and false
it is, even when the enslaved life
dies, the eyes close, 
the curtain falls.

© supratik 2023
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I like the imagery, not least the knotted brain image; and is the rope another term for attachment? I recall the legend of the Gordian Knot – apt here: cutting through the perceived bonds by enlightened insight? As always a thoughtful poem.


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