Part 33

The New Philosophy. A place.  To reduce the burden. 

No sorrow. No hearse.  No flowers.  

Exist.  Fade.  Candle.  The three phases of The New Philosophy.

Candle started as a way to ease the burden.    

In hospitals.  Faders kept alive.  Till month’s Candle. 

Then. Trucks with cages.  Moving fuel.  Some sedated.  Others not.  Preparation for ignition.    

Candle was embedded in our shared past.  It was not new.  Adapted from history.  Adapted for new needs.  The New Philosophy absorbed human fear. 

A new way of existing.  A new way of hurting.  A new way of dying.

When scarcity takes over.  We go back to old ways.  The New Philosophy.  The New Scarcity.  To survive is to perish.

Candle relieved the burden.  Reduced scarcity.  It could be explained.  Understood by the many.  

Candle is not ceremonial.  Every town a furnace. 

Fuel arrives.  Some sedated.  Others not. 

Naked.  Shaven. Faders.

Blood drained.  Just enough left for the brain to transmit fear.   

Fear that could be filmed.  Framed.  Fornicated.

The New Philosophy called this Kerzentag.

For a few days after Kerzentag.  Scarcity disappeared. 

© swissterrace 2023
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A new philosophy which brings new eyes to bear upon the old. You write a chilling story. Just one question; why does “scarcity” disappear for a few days after “Kerzentag”? Have they feasted upon the faders?

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