The Forgotten Song

O dear, o dear, o dear!
What has gone wrong?
The Regent Honeyeater
has forgotten his song.
In avian courtship, music
is extremely important,
so the absence of notes
makes breeding dormant
The females were used
to the dulcet tones
of trilling tenors
or bombastic baritones.
But things went awry;
now they suffer agony
listening to a chorus
of confusing cacophony.
Once abundant in Oz,
there are only a few
of these birds, feeding
on insects’ honeydew.
The lack of old males
with whom to mix
means that a young chick
is in a real fix.
He cannot learn how
to chirrup or to chirp
from a skilled teacher
and feels like a twerp.
The language he uses
to attract a young mate
is other birds’ sounds
he learned to imitate.
It doesn’t pass muster
and it is of no use.
It is not understood
and is bound to confuse.
Scientists believe that
birds must be retaught,
with old recordings,
the songs they forgot.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I read about this Luigi. Very sad, that this was allowed to happen.



Well, break out the loud speakers and start broadcasting the real deal songs! Luigi, these birding poems you post are great and should be put in a collection.

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