the strange nature

…has a rose ever
competed with a tulip, 
or with a lotus,
has the sun ever fought
with the moon or with 
any other stars,
then what is preventing us
from learning the loving 
lessons from the celestial
nature is a good teacher,
sad, the supreme creature,
a group of unteachable pupils…

© supratik 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Yes, how true; in nature there are no comparisons – it’s entirely a human construct of our minds; as always your words bring wisdom.


very nice poem


I agree with Dougie, it is entirely a human construct and some leading scientists that belong to a rather weird period of time and lots of things may have affected their conclusions, based their conclusions on competition, nature is not competitive or antagonistic, it’s like music you cannot have a strong beat constantly or soft melodies, if the universe must be seen through a poet’s mind nature must be seen through a musician’s perhaps.

Last edited 2 years ago by ifyouplease

Does a rose even know it is a rose? Take humans away and there is nothing left, no record of any moment at any point. That is existence without meaning.

Last edited 2 years ago by PilgermannBM

S, just reading through the comments, and you raise some interesting points, but to say there is no competition in nature is wrong; it is survival of the fittest, and each species is interested in its own survival, and if that is at the expense of others then so be it. What we should be saying is that the weak and strong among humans are equals and that respect should be afforded to all and everything.


And that is where I beg to differ, S. We all have a choice and opinions, and this would be a bland world indeed without differences. But that is the beauty of your poetry; it generates so much healthy discussion.

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