The inchoate intervention

The inchoate intervention

(edited 13/3/21)

an early morning drive and the need to protect.


Early morning. On the way to my parents.

No traffic. Crossed the sleeping river.

Stopped at the lights, just before the bridge,

road coming down from Lidl,

Royal Mail Sorting Office on the right,

the Lea industrial estate to the left,

two birds beneath in the road entangled;

a crow, sharp beak glossed in the dawn sun,

chasing a dove, pure white against the tarmac,

wings broken by the other’s thrusting cuts.

I watched tormented the frantic dance,

the dove’s untutored instincts to survive

and I, thinking only of its beauty wasted,

would have intervened, driven over the black,

when a fox, from behind a scavenged bin, pounced

and I was left stalled on a conjecture

witness to the choate cruelty of Nature.

© Bhi 2023
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I wasn’t sure about the structure, but it grew on me. Survival is cruel and it’s always a quandary on whether to intervene when we see something like this happening.

I particularly like the line — thinking only of its beauty wasted

I often wonder if our species was ever observed by a far superior intelligence, would they watch in studious awe while we destroyed ourselves?

Or would we be considered as beautiful as your dove.


desperate desire is not good enough

thinking only is unnecessary perhaps, thinking of just that
or maybe

and I’d have intervened, thinking of
its beauty wasted, driven over the black,
but a fox, from behind a scavenged bin,
pounced and I, stalled on a conjecture
railing against the choate cruelty of Nature,
as a witness played a part.


so it’s untutored instincts now? untutored survival is better, an instinct is untutored, but survival can be both tutored and untutored, an animal’s survival is based on instincts so it’s untutored survival.

Last edited 2 years ago by ifyouplease

Kind of like the edits Ifyouplease proposes. This is why i am not a nature poet. What if the dove had a disease that the crow would prevent healthy doves from catching? The truth of Darwin makes this universe a horror. The only slight redemption is intervening at the right time and place, if you can figure that out!


And in nature there is no morality; it is entirely a human construct, to curb our own nature; or is it? Food for contemplation; a good reflection Bhi


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