Turn all the pages of this book

Read out the words  and take a closer look

At all the pictures of a life so sad

This is no life you’ll ever wish you had.


This book is full of things I swear are true

Things I would not wish for the likes of you

Because you’ve always been special to me

The feelings come now much less frequently.


Most of the hurt that’s felt is held inside

It stays well hidden for I have my pride

I’ll never show the things I really feel

Or I would surely deeply suffer.

© marvo 2023
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Hi Marvo,
I wondered why you dropped the rhyme on the very last line? It seemed to come to a jarring end.
Should it not end with a word that rhymes with feel?long the lines of

‘Or my deep suffering would become too real.,
just off the top of my head as an example.
Anyway, I think we all have our hidden book of life.
Alison x

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