The Curse of Art

 Art always seems to love itself – like self-licking ice-cream…

‘Fuck It’,

like La Giaconda,

wears enigmatic raiment.

A Glaswegian curse

with an eye for detail.



throw convoluting

Baroque curves,

part the Red Sea.

and pull aside

the curtained shroud

of New Romantic PC.


‘Ya Bastard’

the dark pigment

of Old Dutch Masters.

The finger plugging

fissures in the Dyke



the homespun daub

of the existential


A cubist’s

rudest bullshit;

the anecdote

illuminating crap.


‘Go Fuck yersel’

the Sistine ceiling

over the heads of those

who already have;

or don’t know how.

© franciman 2023
UKA Editor's Pick!
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Yes, it’s true and the attitude of your verse is the antidote. Too much pious reverence could be the death of it.

Last edited 2 years ago by ChairmanWow

I’m still wrestling with this one; but it does make its point!



The best line is “the self-licking ice-cream.” You need to incorporate that into the poem itself.


haha Amazing insights from a skilled writer and poet. You always make me think as you see the deeper things in life that pass many by.
Alison x


 Art always seems to love itself – like self-licking ice-cream…

Too good. I had to reread a number of times to understand the usage of precise words, the poem clearly has an eye for detail (ha ha ha!!!). My God! What a read!!!

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