Feeder terminal 1: no 58

grateful for what we’re given.


nineteen feeding stations lined 10 metres apart,

each labelled, colour coded for those illiterate,

and we, allocated, queued, wrists banded wait,

cheery volunteers meticulous with the weight;

research data shows that refugees can survive

on half the recommended daily calorific rate.

we’re grateful; another day opens to see us still alive.



© PilgermannBM 2023
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The journey continues; and will it ever end? A succinct piece.



P, This hits the right nerves without the explicitness of your previous posts. And just as effective if not more so.


Belated compliments for this. Short. Concise. Dare I say, Eye opening’? Fact is we all know that such things are happening, but have to choose to put them to the back of our minds – to make our minds a more comfortable place to live. It does us good when a work such as yours comes along and reminds us what it is like for those who are living it and cannot tuck it away! This is an element of human beings we see in many forms, even with meat: When it is sanitised on a plastic tray, devoid of… Read more »

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