While walking the dogs….

While walking the dogs I stopped to contemplate the embroidery of love as seen in the intricate stems of ivy climbing the trees



I walk past these lines of trees every morning, dogs straining, pulling to the space in the hedge where the white feathers strewn signal a struggle between the feline and the young birds winged but yet unable, not strong enough, to take flight.


I stop here every morning, while they scrummage among the debris of death, to contemplate upon the gravity which keeps me planted, and taking out my pad, I draw symbols hoping they will make sense when other eyes trace, extract the emotions I am instilling onto the page. The finger stumped trees, the thick stems of ivy curling around them, fascinate me, and I take off my glasses to see them more obscurely.


I trace the intricate weave of the ivy parasitic

climb the sleeping bark of gaunt trees arthritic

in the winter cold, branches stark against the ice sky.

It could pass as the embroidery of love,

yet this subtle spine strangles with its embrace,

verdant kisses stripping the heart, its face

green but beneath the high gloss lies the lie;

this is death, in spite of the colour of its glove.

Love flourishes only when both rise above

the seasonal feuds and are refreshed, each touch

as if it were an eternal Spring’s flush.


A group of blind walkers, elderly and lead by a youthful volunteer from The Grange, comes past tapping their way up the narrow road. The dogs are distracted from their excavation, leashes tighten and I am pulled away into the tapestry of the day coming.

© Bhi 2023
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A very pleasant vignette of thoughts while walking the dog. I like the structure of prose and poetry. I wonder if climb on the second line needs to be capitalized. I reads better to me if it’s not. I wonder why you chose semi-colons instead of commas or full stops(periods) in some places. Also there seems rather a lot of commas and every line begins with capital letters. I know windows does that it’s annoying. I would review that. I like the idea of using speech tags. Brings home the fact you are deep in thought. Overall a very pleasant… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Guaj

I liked the contrast between life and death, especially when life is a parasite feeding on death; so without death there is no life? Anyway I’ll second G’s praise. And how meditative dog walking can be! Good stuff.



Reminds me of the Japanese prose-poem form called haibun. Great seeing words like scrummage. Not sure about the use of quotes. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to nature. Bird song and tangled ivy that we like to experience are as much war cries as anything else. But then there is also mutualism, multiple life forms flourishing, a kind of synergy.

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