Midstream on the River Styx

Midstream on the River Styx


I climbed out the window,

jumped into that pitiless hell.

I ran, I ran and ran some more.

Only time will tell.


I cast off times restraints

and threw all love to the winds.

It swirled and cursed me

but love wouldn’t let me be.


Able was I ere saw Elba

I palindrome I.

Words cascade a grand parade

Meaningless in loss.


As platitudes replace

all lives grace and sometimes

only as a fiery disgrace.

As I leapt I shouted show me your face.


I laughed and cursed

and cursed some more

sometimes laughing 

sometimes crying.


I climbed upon that magic cloud

it flew me to the heavens

where the water lilies grow

maybe lifespan’s a trick said Behan?


As he drank himself to hell

He waited for me with tails to tell

Mangan by his side

with laudanum and poteen.

My love and joy was so wild.


So as I curse and write a verse

I see the gallows tree

With strange fruit

upon open arms.


So I hang here 

rowing on the river Styx.

See faces I’ve sent across

and ponder all that loss.

© Mentalelf 2023
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Hi. It rather looks to me that your poem must have somehow passed by people’s minds without them commenting. I want to make up for that: Its a really good write about a stream of consciousness (as I see it). Haven’t you written anything since? I’d love to read it.


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