Narcissus Poeticus



A familiar beauty graces our gardens.

Short lived as it is widespread.

Holding a secret danger within

his gaudy Klan-like robes.

Veins run green with toxic blood.

Named after a Greek myth

or maybe its narcotic sap.

This flower seems a little confused.


A self-obsessed son-of-a-nymph

giving his name to a mental fault.

Believing he was the most beautiful.

Insatiable pride craving attention.

And refusing Echo’s love brought Nemesis

Narcissus suffered the doom of a god.

Famous myth stylised by Dali

in his own egoistic surrealist hues.


Freud and cronies applied their thoughts

to the concept of Narcissism.

A disorder of negative tendencies.

Arrogance, entitlement, rage.

A dangerous triad breeding Intolerance

death and destruction of the right to choose.

© Guaj 2023
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Interesting poetic discourse on this flower. Of course the flower itself is the victim of human projection.


G, not to sure why you used the short sentences throughout; the first stanza could do with some commas to stitch them together – the flow seems more natural, but then i thought if you are being narcissistic then perhaps the breathless intonation does work, and that is what you intended.
I learnt a lot about the flower and enjoyed the ideas you’re projecting, but they seemed to need a bit more glue to hold them together as a poem.

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