Don’t Name Them

Dedicated to all the young people, teens and children I witnessed fighting cancer at the Teen and young persons oncology ward where my son made his own final fight, a salute to the humility and love these places are embalmed in.

Don’t name them


Don’t name them

Too many names

No names

Names can

Be missed

Your name

Their name

So no names

No religion

All faiths die

No colour

Whats colour

No country

No wealth

It doesn’t


No language

No measure

of intelligence

All tongues

Are stilled

For life’s




Child with


You are beautiful

You child suffering


You are


Over there 

Child with

Broken chromosome

You are beautiful

I don’t need your


To know your 


I know your beauty

We know

Your beauty

See your beauty

Feel your beauty

Thank you

For sharing

For giving

Your beauty

Your unfathomable


Allowing us to

Love you.

David in his beloved All Blacks Jersey, proud Kiwi.


© Mentalelf 2023
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Thank you so much for sharing this. I imagine many tears were shed whilst it was written.
It certainly brought me to tears.


I published writer friend of mine lost his youngest daughter to brain cancer 2 years ago. It’s an insidious disease and your minimalist poem suites the subject.


Many congratulations on this poem being chosen as Poem of the Week by
Well done. Best wishes.Luigi


Made me cry. What a beautiful, beautiful boy.
As the mother of two sons (and a daughter) I cannot begin to comprehend your grief.
He’s waiting somewhere. That is my confirmed belief.
Alison x


Oh, my friend! I have immense sympathy and empathy for you. Your poem very powerfully positions the reader’s mind to have an inkling of what you experienced. The bravery, courage, and spirit of child sufferers are just undiscribable in a way. You could be forgiven in wondering if – not so many years from the womb – they are in any case much closer to their God in their starting point: A place where the fairy dust of life is bright and sparkling, and death holds not the fear it shadows on the older mind. Your description of David’s victory… Read more »

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