Song Writing

Attempt No. 1

How do I make it easier?

For it’s coming out all wrong

It’s so bloody hard to write the words

Of what you hope will be a song


Do the verses and the chorus

Have to be in jaunty rhyme

And what about the melody

Should that also keep time?


Will the listener even understand?

The things I’m trying to say?

Would a record company like it?

And ask DJs to play?


And what if it became a hit

That teenage kids would sing

Then Interviews with magazines

Wouldn’t that just be the thing?


But I’m getting too far ahead of myself

I always do, I know

So I must sit and concentrate

And wait for words to flow


And now, umpteen attempts later

My brain is going insane

So I think I’ll tear this version up

And later, start again

© marvo 2023
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Ah, the classic case – waiting for the muse; and well put marvo.


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