Face Down. Falklands Four.


Face Down. Falklands Four.

I saw him face down in the dirt

We turned him over softly

Almost covertly.

Three small holes

All we could see.

Sightless eyes

Looking at me.

Farewell my brother

We’ll always love you.

We’ll carry you gently

And lay you to rest

That awful black bag

Does you no justice

For the times you 

Laughed and brought

Us some freedom.

I don’t know why you?

Just to make those

Ungrateful bastards free.

I hope they find a spot

Where you can look 

Out to sea.

Across that great ocean,

Back to your home.

And your garden

And family.

And you’ll wear

That maroon beret

One last time.




© Mentalelf 2023
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