A strange game

War, an indoor game,
played outside,
by the outsiders;
soldiers, warriors,
caregivers, not the
stakeholders, like
a herd, in a cattle-field,
who don’t score any
points unless they
thrive to die outdoors, 
for a greater cause,
for self-destructive havoc. 

War, a strange game,
misdirected by the
selfish, displayed by
the selfless. 

© supratik 2023
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‘misdirected by the
selfish, displayed by
the selfless.’

A perfect summing up!


Now that my eyes have been fully opened to the reality of what has been foisted off on the people on planet earth for millennia, the terrible suffering of world wars by the smiling youth of the day, I have the deepest contempt, for governments who have acquiesced to directions from the scum at the top of the pyramid. It is going on today as we speak… Their days are numbered thank God. When I think of the hundreds and thousands of men in their prime, used as cannon fodder. worked out by men in suits, far away from the… Read more »

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