The border crossing

movements across countries


A whisper storms though the camp –

Tonight. A bloodless moon,

The rain has stopped.

We pack.

Adam and I roped,

Ehva wrapped,

We tread, soft earth clutching,

Up the hill. North. Past the Star.

Ahead, behind murmurs, children hushed.

Silence. Rustle of leaf on leaf.

The moon drips its severed light

Threads the way. To somewhere else.

A house. People waiting.

Unbroken windows.

Sleeping late into the morning.


A strobe of lights. 

The night withdraws.

We’re opened. Penned.


There is a moment life ceases, becomes nothing,

No longer of this Earth, this place of dust and stone

We’re ghosts, displaced, no spaces, bodies to call home,

Just whispers of a dying breath silent fading.


They search.

Nothing is private.

Leave us with nothing.

Push us back. We are nots.


We return, bags of blood and bone,

The dream of crossing closed, postponed.


© PilgermannBM 2023
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‘nothing is private’ becomes as clear as day under such circumstances – when people just cross borders for their vacation they pay no attention, they feel ok, all is good, respected.


I was going to say that I ‘love this’, but I feel even you as the author would feel I would be using the wrong words. What I was meaning in my mind is that I greatly appreciate both your poetry and you having putting the plight of those souls into the public eye in a way that gives powerful meaning and a spotlight onto this aspect of man’s inhumanity to man. And hasn’t ifyouplease hit the nail on the head with her reminder of a mirrored image that makes us realise even more that there is one law for… Read more »


Darkly, deeply disturbing. What is happening on this planet at this time (i know there have always been wars) but this is different. There must be a secure place in hell for those who perpetrate these atrocities to their fellow man. It happened in the Holocaust and it is now happening (silently) all around is in one way or another. I woke up to the NWO and the great evil of the Blue Helmets many years ago when they let Rwanda’s people get butchered. Everywhere they go they bring death. organisations we think are for good are beyond evil including… Read more »


The things we take for granted that others would risk their lives for. I’m very much afraid that far too many people see them as “bags of blood and bone” and not as people in need of care and refuge.
As Allen says, it would be odd to say that I love this but I feel this is very well written. My one wish is that minds could be changed by it, hearts softened and people given the help and sympathy due to them.


I’ve had the privilege of travelling in countries, that are now being torn apart; and I remember the people – just like me – just like me.

Thanks for this; a hard read, but a true one.


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