I wrote this some number of years ago, and came upon it anew: You could say (no pun intended) ‘with fresh eyes’.  This was written almost autonomously as far as I remember.  I’ve tweaked it a bit since then!









When I touch you,

it is in my mind.

When I kiss you,

I feel soft yielding lips…

but they aren’t yours.

When I read what you say

I am fired

by your inspiration,

and by your spirit.

You affect me.

I understand you.

I know you.

Yet I do not ‘know’ you.

In another time and place

we would be lovers.

(Oh, to be multi-dimensional!)

But we are born

out of sequence,

out of sync …

with the span of life;

We’re in different phases.

You are young in body,

but old in spirit.

I am at least old in body.

I transmute my feelings

from the physical love

that the body desires,

into the love

and understanding

of one spirit

for another.

There is no smuttiness.

No unholy alliance –

or the intention of one.

It is simply that

when two ‘like souls’ meet,

there is a mutual attraction

that cannot transcend

down from

the ethereal

into the solidity

of the physical

and still remain

clear and true.

It becomes tainted

with the sinews

and the muscles:

it becomes tangled

in the strands of nerves

and the roundabouts

of synapses:

it becomes confused

by the streams

of characters

that have become

the ‘other’ way;

the other way

of communion:

becomes magnetised

by the influence

of dissimilar


Becomes human.


Yet this bond is

fragile – in a special

kind of way.

Almost like

fairy dust …


astonishing …

magnificent …

ageless …

fascinating …

captivating …

sparkling …


in your eyes.

© griffonner 2023
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I wonder sometimes, can we ever be really ‘depressurized‘? we all search for love, for Eros -an ancient Greek, I forgot who, was saying that if we knew the importance of Eros, we would be worshipping him instead of Zeus.


Absolutely beautiful. WE are all connected in the web of life and also multidimensionally in my world view. We have connections to people we have not met in physicality and can meet people here for the first time who are like old dear friends, nebulous in the mists of time.
Love and romance are intrinsically laced through the web.
There are so many delicious mysteries we maybe do not understand at conscious level…but the soul does.

They say the soul shows in the eyes, I think that too.
Alison x


As IYP comments, the true worship is of Eros, the erotic and the sensual in the other, and it is the love of the other as a vessel for that Eros that is the love that shines and not the love of the actual other.
A lot of questions to ponder.


There are few things more wonderful than having such a connection with another person, that love that isn’t physical, that excitement of exchanging ideas and thoughts, that feeling you’ve known them forever and, once this life is over, will meet them again.
Beautifully written. I love this.


We have lost – and are loosing too many people at present; and I’d like to think there is a place, or a time when all will be reconciled; and what are we to each other? When the ocean is drained do we see that the separate islands are part of the whole? Maybe not the poems message – but it got me this way.


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