Part 28

It was just a journey.  A period in time.  Before you started to look much older.  A house on a hill. A coastal view.  An empty space filled.  Days that led to weeks and some months.  Late spring into early summer.  Darkness progressively fading.  There were some bright blue skies and seas.  These colours would fill days.  Boundaries between morning and night would disappear. A perfect haze.  There was significance.  It was something significant.  There was potential for roots.  Some germination.  For mature plants to develop.  In a seaside garden.  But plants for seaside gardens need to have a level of adaptation.  Good genetics.  Not mutations.

It is at this point.  A question. Are you the candle so oft discussed.  Are you.   A nightlight in darkness.  Second quarter warmth.  A flicker of fond memories.  The worship of wax and a wandering mind . The crux of a lament that once ignited is a journey.  To a point where skins and souls melted. And for a period a house on a hill with a coastal view looked from the outside to be yellow and red and orange and blue.




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This brought tears to my eyes. When I read it I felt as though the narrator was not in a happy place. Maybe it is ‘a truth’ – it is after all described as non-fiction – and if it is, I weep for the passing of so much time and ending with this question. At any stage, even when there were bright blue skies and seas, the question could have been asked (which is of course allegorical) from an opposing viewpoint, and answer would not have had such negative influences. But hey, this is Life, and in the end what… Read more »

Hello, and thank you for the response. Don’t apologise for affecting me – that is part of the inherent interaction between the writer and the reader. Knowing now that this is fiction doesn’t alter my feelings about this passage – it is what it makes me feel.


This is much more elegiac then the previous posts, which were striking in their power of brevity. I am beginning to visualise the branches of your story and looking forward to the spring and summer.

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