Mary deals with her redundant father

No 5 in the series “The Life and Times of Mary” – she has to get her father out of his depression.


Our Father sulks redundant and forlorn;

God’s fallen, he’s not himself, oh no, no.

Mortgaged husband, once a father,

                                                     a driver.

He sips at his warm bitter now,

Untouched by the office chasers,

Proud back broken, penis wilted.


There’s no substitute for work, sacred rites

To give hard-ons to a man of forty-eight.

Two and two Mary puts while potty-wise,

Understands he’s going through an anal stage.

Refusing food, feigning constipation

She soon has him wrapped around her finger.


Worries exhausted off the boards,

He announces, ‘Life’s so damned high,

And children are silence, more than food.’

Mary smiles, teasing his standard

                                                 from the clouds,

Has him declare on bended knee,

                                                to applause,

There is no greater joy than simply breathing.


© Bhi 2023
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I didn’t understand some lines here and I sense some mischievous tendency of Mary towards the father figure. (hope I expressed that correctly, this is my 8th backspacing)


Still trying to understand who Mary is. At times she seems a muse, other times she seems to be Art itself. At times she seems mother and other times a precocious child manipulating the power players of the world. Intriguing creation, this Mary.


Sorry, you lost me again.
I cannot make any useful comment on work I do not understand. ;-(

Alison x

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