Reading Lessons

With alphabetti spaghetti.

We must congratulate Betty
who’s teaching her son to read.
She uses alphabetti spaghetti
that he does devour at speed.
Sometimes he gets it wrong
with some letters that he ate;
he will recognise a diphthong
but confuse a B with an eight.
He swallows a lot of vowels
heaped on a battered spoon
that he handles like a trowel.
He’ll start on spelling soon.
He is clever and he can see
that the name of the website
mum likes begins with A B C.
Betty confirms that he’s right.
He then reads the letters D E F,
believes that what is meant is
that one who can’t hear is deaf
but he’s soon corrected of this.
One thing he finds confusing
is whether a Z or an S fits
the word ‘characterising’
(how it’s spelt by the Brits).
It is a realistic assumption
he will be a professor soon
but with pasta consumption
he is looking like a balloon.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Very clever poem once again.

liked the lines below – perfect example of diphthong in use.

“he will recognise a diphthong
but confuse a B with an eight.”



Glad he’s not writing out rude words!


Again, a cheering poem – just what I need just now.


That gave me a laugh! Very funny and cleverly composed.
Alison x

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