24 Hours of Love.

A visit to Vancouver BC. 

24 Hours of Love.


Ive often wandered if I’ve kissed

The serial killer in our midst.

I was on a bit of a sailing manoeuvre 

Across in rainy dank Vancouver


Her name was Mona,

Mona Bird 

Yes lemon curds the rhymah.

And her mothers name was Mynah.


Occasionally worried about the strife 

Cause she always carried a knife

Met her in a club in Gas-town

Vancouver city 

The Orange Five, it wasn’t pretty.


I always knew she was keen

Cause she’d flattened the other girl I’d seen.

And thats really pretty mean.

But in a stoned drunk way of happening

Very very slightly flattering.


I always found Mona mixed my thoughts

Not least cause she was full blood Cree indian.

Which really was pretty rare 

Considering I met her where

Girls spun and danced bare.


Our eyes met across a bottle of Jack

And I guess thats when she fell for me

In my way I fell right back.

Or maybe it was just the Jack.

But anyway we ended up out back.


We splashed from the bar

Crashing into the street together

Not caring about the weather.

And we laughed as we sang a song

Lou Reed if I remember.

Don’t forget we’d done a bong.

“Holly came from Miami FLA”.


And we rolled from bar to bar

Kissing and touching

A couple of times fucking

It was an exciting time.

The world trade fair

Had come to town.

Everyone was rocking down.


And when we became a little stale

A touch of speed turned that tale

Rolling and laughing we didn’t care

Our lives were mad laid open, bare.

And we really really didn’t care.


But in that loving twenty-four hours

We were taken over by other powers

The streets became dark and stark

And just a little tiny bit venomous

We still had dollars rolling with us.


But even that came to an end 

And thats when shit started to bend

Mona took me in a bar you see

And said wait here just here for me.

Near the back door.

Just here on the floor.


Mona popped to the ladies then

And in a very short time 

She came out quick

And laughed and said 

Run now ya lovely lunatic.


So off we went up the street

Beating cobbles to death with our feet

Until we came to another place.

That Mona said was just quite ace.

And mona said this is ok honey 

And look we even have more money.


Then we stood in a quiet corner

Nice and Dark quiet corner

And I had a feeling of inner strife

As Mona wiped the blood 

from the tip of her knife


Thats when she stared into my eyes

And she said I love you Phil

And I just thought did you kill

I didn’t know what to do

So I took another pill.


Back to my eyes her loving stare

I never know what I could see there

But Mona said will you marry me?

So I stared right back and delivered it slow

One word… simply… NO. 


And that was the end of the twenty-four hour tryst

But Ive always had those thoughts that twist

Have I maybe kissed 

The serial killer In our midst.

















© Mentalelf 2023
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