Without people yer nothing.

Homage to Joe Strummer of the Clash, I had the privilege of meeting him and Mick jones and saw them several times. Joe just spoke the truth and fought for people.

Without people yer nothin’


Punk rocker unrepentant

Why the fuck should I be?

Lose the resentment?

Have all the social jokes 

Become a real hilarity?

Yes I see it all the time.


Because they’re back!

But so are we.

We never left.

Here’s the litany of lies

Leading us to hang


Miners sorry for missing the truth.

Sorry Maggie, if it wasn’t for us 

You wouldn’t have to pay 

All that police overtime. 

But times were hard 

so its nice you looked after them.


Another…. Fighting racism.

friendly horses charging at people

in exchange for carrots and hay.

Horses earning more in carrots 

then striking miners earned in a month. 


Another…. Blair Peach, an innocent man

Came over from New Zealand

He was a teacher, not a preacher

But he was smacked on the head

And so became dead.


People taken, humans as marionettes for the rich.

Plaything, playtime, postured people.

Bastards in BMW’s sucking at the Tory nipple.

Peoples blood the national tipple. 

ATOS saying yer not a cripple.


And why they’ll lose?

Because they don’t know

What a person is

What a real life is

What real people are….

What we are.


….so the message that they all forgot

From a bed in Strummerville.

The message to the haves and the have nots

Ordinary words to lead us on

Simple words To lead us from

Little mouse trails till bloods last rave


Joe spinning in his Strummerville grave.

Always looking for those to save

Gravelled voice. calls out from within the coffin

That Strummer voice. “Without people your nothin’”



© Mentalelf 2023
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Nice tribute poem. i wore out the album Combat Rock when it first came out.


I share the sentiment. I shall be taking part in a march here in Edinburgh next month against the government and the way we are being robbed of our free speech , free will, free anything, What saddens me is where have all the balls gone? Where has the red blooded rebellion, not in violence but about basic human freedoms dissipated to? I can hardly watch the entire world being gas lighted into a nightmare but I have lived long enough to witness the end effects of the masses being poisoned by food, air and treachery and doing FA about… Read more »


I remember Blair Peach, being in London at the time; and a good ‘up yer nose wiv a rubber hose’ kind of poem; keep up the righteous anger!


Strewth!! Didn’t know you were a Kiwi? Do you watch the Brokenwood Mysteries (as do I) for a nostalgia trip? Anyway, yes, he was most certainly given a head-massage by the spg’s. Interesting times.

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