The World of Woke

I publish this 12 02 2021,  my 79th birthday. As I enter my eightieth year on this planet I feel like weeping.

The world, seen through prisms of “ists” and “isms”
Of woke and un-woke eyes
Bash, slash and despise each other’s ideas
Doubts and fears
Idealistic dreams carried to extremes
Thoughts bereft of compassion
Slaves to pseudo-intellectual fashion
Shout ‘we’re right, so you’re all wrong.’
Refuse to hear another song
Refuse to consider other views
Ideas trashed with fake news
No platform those who dissent
Never relent,
Howl them down to drown
In intolerant mire
Or burn upon a funeral pyre
Of ignorance and fear
Roll up, roll up, draw near
Rally brethren, into town
Tear an ancient statue down
Roll it into the sea
That should set us free
The wise compromise, find a way to evince,
Through tolerance and reason, not mindless treason
Against freedom of thought so dearly bought
But it’s so attractive to riot rant, and chant
Mindless slogans proclaim self-righteousness
The innocent left to their distress
The woke stare, unblinking
Into the future they seek
All grey, all uniform, all bleak

© pronto 2023
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Many Happy Returns on your Birthday 🙂 As I read your words here I felt so pleased someone else felt as I do, peace harmony and understanding have fallen, or been pulled to the wayside. Our true values torn aside in favour of mob violence, hate and betrayal of real humanity. Sue.

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