The taste of the Apple

The third short poem for now; I will keep to fewer subs in future (now having read the guidelines).There appears to be a contradiction in the poem, but I quite like that.  


        The Taste of the Apple                                    


       The taste of the apple

       lies not in the apple,

       but where it meets the tongue;

       and the taste on the tongue

       is from all of the apple,

       where Summer has sprung


                                D G Moody

© Dodgem 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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I think you would write great ones if you tried Lanturne too

I can see this as a Lanturne, I use this form


Brings me back to my childhood days when my friend and I would go into her orchard and take down some crab apples from her ancient trees,

I know there is far more to the poem that unites everyone who stops to treasure experience in the now.
I really like well constructed short poems. The never lose their savour by over-egging the pudding so to speak.

Alison x

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