The Grief of a Loss

At present, I’m working on short poems. I’ve three ready, the rest can wait.

   The grief of a loss,                                   

   when standing askance,

   staring into the mirror.

   From now on – alone:

   half a pair of scissors.


                                   D G Moody.


© Dodgem 2023
UKA Editor's Pick!
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critique and comments welcome.
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again this has even greater potetial, how about the last line,
a pair of scissors halved.


Outstanding emotion, grief and attempt to encompass the inexpressible.

This would go into my fav poems but alas that is not available yet.
Alison x


I think this is really very emotive, Dodgem. Congratulations on the nib, too.

We all see ourselves in a mirror from time to time, but we don’t always ‘see’ ourselves. In the instance your poem describes, the elephant in the room is also reflected: an empty space beside, behind, around, and inside of you. Your accompanying image is blurred, were it not, all of this would be seen in the eyes.

Blessings, Allen


Hello Dougie, Going back to former UKA days, works were selected for ‘mention’ by the award of a nib … now it is that your work has been ‘picked’. I (in my dotage) still think of it as being the award of a nib. Sorry if that confused you Yes indeed as regards editing works. As a matter of fact, in my comment to your poem (above) my meaning in my last sentence was perhaps not so clear as could have been if I had added the word ‘reflected’ before the final word ‘eyes’… and so it goes on. 🙂… Read more »

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