Part 25

There is a place. Somewhere. 

After eyes closing. The darkness. 

A space.  A place . That manicures. The past.

This somewhere. Is just a film  Of a life.

It is a re-run. Of a re-run. Of a re-run. An infinite mirror. Of re-runs.  

Once.  In this film.  Called Somewhere Nowhere.

You. Gave me. Maps. Movements. For war.  And folded.  Instructions for Life. 

These instructions unraveled.

Page 1. A paradox. 

Page 2. The worst of times, the best of times. 

Page 3. Victors lose wars.  The vanquished are rebuilt.

Page 4. A dying man; truthful words.

Page 5. Secrets; promises shared.

In early days of war.

A rocket kills your best friend.

A battle for a city in a salient.

A fight for a bridge.

Then. Musicians.

A Nightclub.

Modern Floor Coverings.

A song.

I can get away.

With anything I want.

My enlightened self interest.

In an imperfect world.

In the long run.

Good things come from bad people.

Living alongside evil.

Is not a choice.  

But a way forward.

This is a moral maze.

Then with a flicker.  

Eyes open.


Through a window.

On a distant hill.

A tower.

White smoke rising.

Almost touching clouds.









© swissterrace 2023
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This is a revealing piece. Living alongside evil is not a choice as you say, it is an integral part of life. I enjoy your directness and concise subtlety.

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