Artificial Intelligence and I

Not many people know that.

I am a collector
of facts and figures,
information that my wife
describes as useless
but the kind I find
I can’t do without.
It is not that I wish
to give the impression
that I know it all;
my intelligence
is quite superficial,
there is no doubt.
But is it artificial?
I ask the question
as my knowledge
was acquired
by asking Google.
through my PC.
Since it is called
a search engine,
I can see why
learning achieved
via a machine is A.I.
I’ll have to agree.
Not many people
know that, but I do
and can’t get it out
of my brain.
Perhaps I should tell
Michael Caine.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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A highly entertaining and pertinent piece. The ending provides a polish and a nod to a man much admired.

But the articles you read, the knowledge you glean are all written and posted by humans; the algorithms that feed your searches are highly honed mathematical models. I would go so far as to say there is no such thing as AI, it’s all human based.


Ah! The interface between human intelligence and the internet; where will it end? I wonder if we still retain information that we find so easy to acquire by ‘googling’. That apart, and as a self-confessed acquirer of useless information (that is until my wife gets stuck on her crosswords), I enjoyed this; and my name is not Michael Cain!

Thanks Luigi……Dougie

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