Blues For David

I lost my son David to a rare bone cancer at eighteen years old. I wrote this Blues for him back then. I strummed the guitar, and my cousins son sang (You wouldn’t want to hear me sing :-), and played the mouth organ. We did it all on the internet, sending files back and forth, until my cousin could mix it at his studio in London. 


Blues for David


Woke up this morning

I was feeling blue

Looked to my left

Couldn’t see you

Looked to my right

Thats when I knew

Oh my best buddy

Buddy where are you.


I have a million dollars,

And ten tons of gold

That I kept in a locker.

For when us two get old.

But its worth nothing now

Because we’re torn apart

And I know I can’t spend 

I can’t spend my fractured heart.




© Mentalelf 2023
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Phil, I’ve see this and the Crazy Diamond posting. It’s really hard to do justice to both in words; all I can offer is a deep respect – Shine On!


I don’t think that there is any language in the world that has a noun describing a parent that lost his child.

for spouses —–> widow etc for a child losing a parent ——–> orphan.

because not even language can find the strength to describe such pain such torment.

to echo a Greek woman here who is a rather famous activist.

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There is pain, but then there are memories of a life beautiful.

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