Beaucoup de vent

A windy day


The streetwise Tom twist and turns

back arched. A kitten again.

Off his face on Catnip?

I don’t think so.

The secret’s up his tail.


Next door’s Spaniel squints his brown eyes

and pulls on the leash.

Eager to get his daily toilet over

before his flailing ears are ripped from his head.

For him a day of canine dreams in a sofa curl.


Folks walking East move at an angle

like Lowry’s figures.

Others walk West in Quasimodo hunches.


Smokers huddle in bus shelters

fighting a losing battle with boxes of Swans.


Seagulls hover on overworked wings.

Ragged hankies in the sky.


The gentle river’s surface turns black

vomiting miniature white horses

while the trees on the bank hum whale songs.


Remnants of last summer’s leaves,

butterflies flying like hopped-up bats.


The day passes bequeathing stillness

and the scene of a lost battle.

© Guaj 2023
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Delightful imagery, more than a breath of fresh air; thanks Guaj.


An engaging poem, a lovely read. Thanks for sharing it.
Best, Luigi.


So many great lines in this piece. Really like “Ragged hankies in the sky.” Fine winter poem.


You have caught the little vignettes beautifully.

This describes my dogs down to a t: “a day of canine dreams in a sofa curl.”

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