Changing One’s Mind

The more I reflected on this idea of mine, the more I realised my mind wasn’t set.

I was very young
perhaps five or six,
and wanted to be
a cosmonaut.
My mum and dad
humoured me,
they didn’t say
I was a crackpot.
I grew older,
became mature,
changed my mind
when I was fifteen.
At that age I wished
to be a film actor
and be as famous
as James Byron Dean.
My awe of him
knew no bounds,
he was very talented
and had no flaws.
And furthermore
we had a lot in common:
I was, like him, a rebel
without a cause.
Soon after, I discovered
the female gender;
I thought a girlfriend
would be a better bet.
The more I reflected
on this idea of mine
the more I realised
my mind wasn’t set.
All my aspirations
changed all the time
because they were
many and varied. 
But I wasn’t worried;
knew that eventually
I would settle down
and get married.
I have lost count
of all the dreams
and the fantasies
I continually sought.
Having back-pedalled
on every decision,
it isn’t surprising
they came to naught.
© Luigi Pagano 2021




© ionicus 2023
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So dangerous to look back on what may have been if you’d made another decision. Whatever routes we may have taken in life I have no doubt there would be regrets.

This poem is like a village pond — much deeper than it looks 😉

Good one Luigi!

Last edited 2 years ago by Guaj

How true Luigi. my youth was definitely wasted on me. I liked the progression in the poem, the maturing at fifteen was a neat touch. And the ‘might have been’s’, don’t they haunt us all – unless we are James Dean!

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