Remembering Ireland 1916 haze of Whiskey

My ancestors were from County Tyrone. And fled poverty to England with thousands of others and just found they weren’t welcome.

Remembering Ireland 1916 through the haze of Whiskey


Mangan poured the whiskey

MacGowan held my legs

Behan laughed and poured another,

I laughed and poured it down!


It was a night like any other

The whiskey did a job on me.

Where’s me whiskey for the night?

Where’s me whiskey to keep it right?


Drunk to hell I tried to rise.

But MacGowan still held my legs.

Oh the whiskey did a job on me.

Where’s me whiskey for the night?


I looked around for all I could see

but the whiskey hung onto me.

So where’s me whiskey where’s me whiskey

Give me more before I kick in your door.


Hemmingway sat in me corner.

Laughing through a grizzly beard.

Shotgun sitting upon his lap,

I raised me glass and toasted him.


MacGowan growled me a song,

stories of drunken rebels.

Fighting for a mighty cause

Freedom for Ireland for all to see.


Suddenly all was clarity

As I remembered my Irish ancestry.

Accross the sea in a heaving boat.

Escaping hunger and darkened skies.

Fleeing poteen and poverty in 1916.


Escaping the Black and Tans

Murderous thieving, raping bastards.

Sometimes the lads shot them down.

Leaving poteen and freezing beds

They came here to lay their heads.


I don’t know what they went through?

“No dogs”, “No Irish”, No Blacks”.

But I’m laying here today with me whiskey

and I’ve got me flat to call me own.

And a key to me door as I crawl across the floor.


And the English still fuck me over.

From lofty chairs even though they call me their own.

So I’m still a proud rebel at heart all for the good.

As  I imagine fat bastards in parliament swimming in their blood.


These signs were all over London and elsewhere, lodgings, jobs, shops….

© Mentalelf 2023
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Yes, I have to say I would probably be an IRA supporter. (although I remember too well the atrocities) but every people are sovereign beings with their own countries.
Besides one of my fav songs from all time comes from there. It was my father’s too.
Bless the Irish!
Alison x


PS The fat bastards in Whitehall are still doing the same until we wake the F*** up!

Last edited 1 year ago by stormwolf

Hear, hear!


Ah, its a brave soul, who dips their toes into the history and politics of Ireland, and me and me wife keep our toes in our shoes, otherwise we’d be dipping them apart, and worse – together! That out of the way, this one grabbed me by the scruff of the neck – well done Phil! I liked your comment about His Lordshit. I was also intrigued about whiskey versus whisky. I had simply thought it was straight forward – whiskey Irish, whisky scotch; but like everything about our island’s histories its convoluted – well worth googling.


Powerful stuff, Mentalelf.
And they want to protect the statues from the awakened people!!!

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