Part 22

A merle of Blackbirds.  Four calling birds. On side streets.  Avenues.  A flock.  Strength in numbers.  Messengers of bad news. Mystical men.  Orange optics. Haunting and hunting. Parabolic searching.  Miniscule movements.  In attics and bedrooms. Behind false walls. Doors damaged.  Stairs shattered.  Walls, windows and will reduced to rubble.  Pulled from homes by hair or hands flailing.  Children crying and adults.  Blackbirds sing those alive to their grave.  In the distance.  A hill.  White plummage.  A candle’s fuel gathered.

© swissterrace 2023
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This is a haunting piece of writing. What is the significance of the candle? I looked at some of the previous posts and the candle comes up quite often.

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