The supreme state of being

You hurt me, I have rage
but I control it, no, it’s not 
the way; you hurt me, I 
don’t have rage, yes, that is 
Akrodh dasha*, the ultimate 
state of joyous absence of rage. 

I say you don’t teach students
about death, you teach them
about sex; you excluded moral
science from the aggregate,
now it’s no longer taught,
students moving with condoms 
and guns in schools; pupils, 
right from schools should have
death consciousness; they need
to know that death is not a bad 
thing; it’ll reduce suicides, violence, 
distress and other diseases;

All right, all right, are you saying 
this with rage, with the feeling of 
duality? Accept it first with oneness,
in the life you’re living, there’s
one file in one folder. 

When you give alms to the poor,
what do you think? Ah, they’re
the less fortunate, this is duality,
think of yourself giving and taking 
alms, just as you wash your hands,
you don’t leave your arms.

You are the seen, you are the seer
for life has only one file in one folder.

Akrodh dasha* – complete absence of rage, it is not forbearance, it is a state where you do not have rage. Akrodh dasha is a skill that may be learned through practice.

© supratik 2023
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I like the ‘one file in one folder’ expression. The thing that is forgotten is that the file has so many innumerable facets. In the duality of that, are you saying that some ‘files’ are content to be just files trapped within one folder, whilst others are continually trying to peer over the top of the folder to see what is to follow?

Certainly one to set us thinking, Supratik.



Children are taught so many things in school. The good student regurgitates from memory and so passes exams. They are not taught about death..or life and how to learn to live in balance and harmony. How to conquer the monkey mind and so bring inner peace and equanimity. They are not taught about extortion and other subterfuges placed upon their innocent minds, nor the dangers of social media. I follow the teachings of Sadhguru and if I had my time as a mother over again? I would be a very different mother than the one I was. 🙁 One who… Read more »

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